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Lunch Menu

From January 2022, hot meals are provided by Aspens and are freshly cooked in our on site kitchen every day. School packed lunches are also freshly prepared each day. Their 3 week menu cycles are developed using recipes from their menu planning and nutrient analysis software. These menu cycles meet all the nutrient based standards for both Primary and Secondary schools and offer pupils balanced, healthy and appealing lunchtime meals.

All pupils from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to a Free School Meal every day under the Government's Universal Free School Meal Scheme.

If your child is in Year 3 or higher, they may still be entitled to a free meal depending on your personal circumstances, family income, or are in receipt of some support income or benefits - please see link to information below.

If your child is not entitled to free meals they are still able to have a school meal or school packed lunch for a charge of £2.41. Please ensure that any chargeable meals are paid for on the day or in advance.

There is no need to book any meal in advance, your child just needs to let their class teacher know their choice when the register is taken at the start of the school day.

Food allergies, dietary requirements and special diets

Please let us know of any of the above, and complete and return a copy of the form below.