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Beech Class

13th June

This week we will be continuing our work on growing plants. We had an interesting discussion last week about food and where it comes from, most could name a fruit or a vegetable that grows so if you could reinforce this it would be great thank you. They were not so sure where meat products come from so we had a chat about that too, many disbelieving that meat products come from animals. So even a casual chat about meat would help too. They will have the farm and farm animals out this week as well to support.
We will be growing beans and talking about Jack and the beanstalk. I think there may even be some giant footprints appear!
In phonics we are reinforcing our work on sh/ch/th/wh/qu/tch/ng (these are two letter making one sound). The children are working incredibly hard with their reading and spelling. The sounds write programme is very effective don't forget that there is free training available on this, I have sent out the link previously but if you can't find it but would like it just let me know.
In writing they will initially write about Jack and the Beanstalk but lead up to writing their own version.
In maths we will be looking at sharing by two, last week we covered work on doubles so this will follow on very nicely. Last week the children also investigated counting to 20 in 2's, 5's, 10's and then they posed the question whether they could count to it in 4's which then led onto looking at 6's and 7's .This was all initiated by the children, they were quite simply amazing!
PE will be Monday afternoon but we shall be very cautious about the weather conditions.

2nd June 2021

During the next half term we will be looking at how plants grow and finishing our work on minibeasts. Please have a look at the knowledge organiser which will reflect the areas we are going to cover.



5th November 2020 

Hello all,
Hope you are all well. I have a little learning opportunity for you all that I would like to signpost you to, should you wish to try it.
I have recently finished a 40 hour course on phonics called Sounds Write. I have been teaching phonics , reading and writing for many years but the academy trust invested in this training for all of their schools, as they wanted a universal approach to the teaching of phonics.
I must say that I did actually enjoy the course and it reaffirmed what I had been teaching all these years. I have been implementing some of the ideas the last few weeks and the children are as always very eager to learn. We also have more new reading books arriving soon that will closely follow the Sounds-Write approach.
Normally I would do a phonics and reading meeting for parents to explain our approach but as you will appreciate that is not possible at this moment in time. Luckily Sounds-Write have came to the rescue and produced a free online course for parents so that you will become familiar with the approach...the added bonus is that you won't have me on video explaining it!
So if you click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser it should take you to it. 

I hope this helps you to understand the approach and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you
Susan Belcher

22nd October 2020


Good morning everyone, hope you are well.

During half term could you please look out for a pebble or large stone to send into school with your child after half term. We would like to paint them with poppies for Remembrance and display them around the school.

Thank you so much for your support, we really do appreciate it. We have had a really enjoyable half term and we hope that your children have too. They certainly have been a credit to you all.

Have a good and restful break.

Susan Belcher

21st October 2020

After a little bit of sorting out I believe I have mastered spelling shed and have assigned the children a spelling assignment to try over half term.
At this point this is experimental and I would so appreciate your feedback on it. Firstly to know if it has been set up correctly for you and your child to access at home and secondly to see if they enjoy it.
I will send home tomorrow their passwords, there is also a QR code too so you can access it that way if you prefer. I personally went via this link and put in the username and password:-  You can access it via phones, i pads, tablets and laptops. Happy spelling!

18th October 2020


Another week has gone by, I can't believe that we are about to start week 7. It certainly has flown by and the children have been tremendous, I am immensely proud of them.
During the week the children were very busy from building structures with the cardboard boxes, to hammering golf tees into pumpkins to develop their fine motor skills, writing their names, exploring the numerals 1,2,3, spelling, reading and writing, making patterns, painting pictures, making playdough cakes...I could go on!
They also love to listen to stories which is so important in developing their love of reading and developing vocabulary.

This coming week we shall be discussing harvest, reading the story of The Little Red Hen, continue exploring 1/2/3 and the sounds /a/i/m/s/t/n/o/p/c/h/g/b.

Thank you for your continued support and don't forget the children are not in school on Friday 23rd October but will return Monday 2nd November.

11th October 2020

WOW! Another week over where does the time go?

The children have once again been very busy and seem very well settled, as I have said before they are very eager to learn and try new things.

We have continued with phonics and making words from /a/ /i/ /m/ /s/ /t/ /n/ /o/ /p/. They have played a search game and found them on individual boards, practiced writing them and saying them. Some of the children were even playing 'schools' and being myself teaching their friends! Quite amusing to watch I must say.

We have reinforced with them how we learn to read and write by moving left to right and top to bottom so if you can reinforce this too that would be great. Thank you.

In maths we have been looking at repeating patterns and this too has reinforced the concept of left to right as they 'read' their pattern.

Some of the children wanted to create a camp fire and pretend they were cooking. Next week they will pretend they are cooking marshmallows so they can have a little taste of those!

We will be doing PE on Monday (not nursery) so please send them in suitably dressed i.e. jogging bottoms/ fleeces/ trainers. Normally we would get the children changed for PE and develop that skill but with the current situation this isn't possible.

We will continue with the phonics and introduce /b//c//g//h/. We are reinforcing reading and writing skills in each session.

In Maths we will be looking at numbers and counting to 3. This doesn't sound very high but we are looking at a mastery approach, this means that they will be developing the skill of subitising. This means that they know instantly an amount without having to count 1 to 1. This is often a skill we assume children have as we do as adults but it is really important that it is taught effectively to 5, as beyond this they begin to bring in other skills. I will post some examples of their work as the week progresses.


Friday 2nd October 2020

Thank you for your continued support this term I really appreciate it. A newsletter will be coming out next week with some further information.

The children are enjoying phonics and reading. So far we have focused on  'a, i, m, s, t'. They have been segmenting and blending sat, mat, am, it, is.

I will be adding a post on tapestry about how to pronounce the sounds, I will also try to upload a video on here too.


Susan Belcher

Welcome to Beech class, we have had a wonderful start to the term.