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Marshland St James Primary and Nursery School

"A Member of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust"

Beech Class

Autumn term 2017
First I would like to start by saying welcome back to those returning to our school and welcome to those starting school. I trust that you all had a wonderful summer, which now already seems a long time ago.
I’d also like to welcome Mrs. Brewer to our team, the children have made her very welcome already and I am sure you will too. Thank you.
The children have been delightful and very hard working in their first weeks back, eager to learn and try new things. 
Topic – Transport
This gives us great opportunity to develop personal and social development, form relationships, extend vocabulary and knowledge of the world.
They will:
• Look at all kinds of cars, lorries, planes and other vehicles
• Make an airport / bus / train station in their classroom
• Play with boats in the water tray and diggers in the sand tray
• Make model vehicles
• Go on a pretend magic carpet ride
We shall look at stories with a transport/ travel theme.
These include duck in the truck, Mr. Gumpy’s motorcar, Mr.Gumpy’s outing and the train ride.
They will also look at non-fiction texts and discuss what transport they have travelled on. If you have any pictures of your child on a train or bus etc…please send them in so that we can discuss and share their experience.
In maths the children will be consolidating their counting and ordering skills. They will begin adding and subtracting through lots of practical experience. 
There will be daily reading, writing and phonic opportunities. These will be related to our topic.
I shall be holding a reading and phonics meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday the 26th September at 2pm. During this I will explain how we teach phonics and reading. In the meantime we shall be sending home some early reading books but they will be purely for discussion. We shall also send home library books that you can use as a bedtime story if you wish.
I would also like to invite you in to a maths meeting on Tuesday 3rd October in the afternoon at 2.15pm.
Other information
P.E.- is on a Monday afternoon please ensure they have their kit in school and that jewellery is removed. Please make sure they have either plimsolls or trainers in their kit so that they are able to participate fully in outdoor games.
Change of clothes- please ensure your child has a change of clothes in school just in case of an accident.
Book bags- please send these in daily.
WOW-  I will send home some ‘WOW’ slips. Please fill them in if you want to share any exciting news or milestones about your child. If you require any more wow sheets just ask.
Don’t forget to name the children’s clothes (even shoes!), it helps us a lot especially when it’s PE!! 
Thank you for your continued support working together, we can help your child grow into strong enthusiastic learners.