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Marshland St James Primary and Nursery School

"A Member of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust"

Uniform Changes


After much consideration and discussion we have decided to change the colour of our school uniform from navy to green. By changing the uniform as we become an Academy this will give us the ideal opportunity to make our school more distinct from other local schools. The children are very proud of their school and are keen for it to stand out in the local community.


We appreciate that this will have a financial impact on some families and that the current Year 5 are only with us for another year. So there will be a period of 12 months while we change from the old uniform to the new. This means that children can continue to wear the old navy blue uniform alongside the new green one. However we will only be ordering green uniform from now on.


The logo will stay the same on the sweatshirt, with only the name changing slightly from Marshland St James VC Primary School and Nursery to Marshland St James Primary and Nursery School. Children can wear either a white polo shirt or a blue polo shirt underneath. Trousers and skirts will need to be grey or black, and school dress in green.


The children are very positive about their new school colour and the school council feel that the new green colours will make the school stand out.

We would love to see as many children as possible wearing the new colours in September as we begin school life as an Academy.


If you have any queries or want to see a sample of the new green sweatshirts, please come and ask at the office.